Our impeccable record of effective results authorizes us to affirm that we are fully capable of fully satisfying the requirements of our contracts, since we have always fulfilled our duty to successfully form and without any diplomatic incident.

INTER-CON Security Systems

It is a multinational company of American origin, with more than 20 uninterrupted years of experience in the field and present in 7 regions nationwide, which is proud to provide its private security services to clients of recognized service brands. endorsing our trajectory.

INTER-CON Venezuela has regional branches equipped with highly qualified personnel with experience in managing services, such as physical security and property protection, control room operators, transfer and accompaniment services for executives, control monitoring and route security, risk analysis, vulnerability study, panic button, electronic supervision systems, security reports, security training and training.

This team will be available to support the compliance and performance of your company’s program. Throughout this time, INTER-CON has protected the interests of banks, Fortune 500 companies, and government and diplomatic facilities in several countries.

For example, INTER-CON security personnel defended United States Department of State personnel and various commercial and diplomatic properties. INTER-CON fulfills its duty successfully and always with a special focus on customer service.

This track record of efficiency has served as the basis for forging excellent relationships between INTER-CON and its clients, a bond that cannot be matched by any other company of this nature.


Guarantee our clients a reliable and high-quality security service, highly profitable, adapted to changes in the environment and new technologies.


By 2025, expand the presence of INTER-CON VENEZUELA in the Central-Western region and the Andes to meet the growing demand for private security in the industrial and commercial sector.

valor 150 blanco



INTER-CON has important human, technological and financial resources. Our main investment, after the permanent technological update, is the continuous preparation and constant training of our valuable workforce, to guarantee our clients an optimal level of excellence in security services.

A track record of excellence

At INTER-CON we have a long and successful history of meeting multidimensional security requirements. We have never defaulted on our obligations or terminated service due to poor performance.

Este record de eficiencia nos ha forjado excelentes relaciones con nuestros clientes; un anexo que no puede ser igualado por ninguna otra empresa de nuestra naturaleza.


Strategic Profile

With the purpose of making the company more competitive in the face of difficult, challenging and changing environmental conditions, we have established premises at an organizational and functional level that allow us to achieve our corporate objectives, as well as carry out a continuous evaluation of our management, always appropriate to the needs and expectations of our clients.


Our trajectory is backed by a successful history of performance based on attracting the best profiles of the workforce and developing the most sophisticated training programs and constant training of our human resources, to provide an excellent service, always up to par. of the demands and needs of our clients.

Corporate standard

All staff are subjected to a medical and psychometric evaluation process. Also complying with corporate standards of excellent relations. Interpersonal and emotional stability. Which allows them to maintain complete physical and mental balance in their normal work performance. Especially in crisis situations

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