System for controlling patrols of guards and guard personnel

This powerful tool carries out complete control and auditing of the security guard’s actions; position report validated via GPS, sending of live man alerts, report of incidents displayed during the route, sending of images captured from the same Smartphone. All this and much more received online in the monitoring center 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.



This option allows sending panic events including


It allows the guard to send an arrival and/or departure notice every time he arrives or leaves his post, as well as when he passes through each checkpoint defined for the round.

The event will be accompanied with date, time and position on the map and can be executed via:


It is a presence control. It consists of a button that will be activated randomly to be pressed and cancel the alarm sending.

If it is not canceled within the scheduled time, an alert will be generated at the monitoring center.


It allows viewing relevant information or events displayed during the tour directly to the monitoring center.

It can be complemented with:


Allows you to assign a guard to go to a fixed or mobile point from where they have received an emergency alert. Once at the location, you can mark your arrival and send photos, videos or audio to the monitoring center.

You can customize the background design with your brand logo, giving a more uniform and technological corporate image, in keeping with the times.

The supervisor will be able to set up the route in person through his application, which will allow greater control over the time it will take the guard to reach each of the checkpoints. Once the round is created, it is sent to the monitoring center


By creating virtual fences within the map, the system will be able to detect the presence of the guard at each checkpoint and report their arrival or departure automatically without the need for interaction with the Smartphone.

It allows viewing relevant information or events displayed during the tour directly to the monitoring center.

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