We are a private security company with more than 20 years of experience in the market. Throughout this time, we have dedicated ourselves to providing comprehensive security solutions to our clients.

IC Occupational
Medical Service

Occupational physicians are essential in preventing and treating work-related illnesses and injuries, and ensuring that working conditions are safe and healthy for everyone.


Using management meters is key to evaluating the performance of each collaborator and process in different key areas. From productivity to customer satisfaction


Therefore, we implement a solid management management system that allows us to measure all our processes. In this way, we ensure that our agents are qualified and provide the best security service to our clients.

Intercon makes a difference

Continuous training allows us to be one step ahead and offer you a quality security service.


At INTER-CON, the safety and well-being of our workers is our priority. We guarantee a safe and appropriate work environment for the optimal performance of your physical and mental abilities.

Inter-con we are your

With years of experience in private security, we offer top-level services that meet the highest standards in the sector.

Our people
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